ISLS17154 Greenwood Airvac

Greenwood Ewof100

  • The best choice for windows Secure extractor fan installations are crucial in window applications as they may be targeted as a means to gain access to a property.
  • Window kit for use with Greenwood Omnique multi-use extractor fan


Product Description

  • We call it the sandwich effect - and the glass is the filling
  • Internal adaptor plate is completely separate to Omnique adding further strength to the installation
  • Privacy The discreet solid front fascia ensures privacy, as no one will be able to see through the fan if installed in a bathroom window with frosted glass
  • Solid front fascia design provides privacy for occupant once installed
  • The secure fixing plates are manufactured from a polycarbonate material (the same material as hard hats), meaning it is rigid, resilient and highly durable - suitable for window installations
  • Extremely versatile, the EWOF100 can be installed through thicker glazing with longer countersunk screws
  • Extra thick webbed plastic at screw fixing points gives an increased level of strength and security to protect the unit from possible malicious damage
  • Rubber 'O' ring seal ensures that the product sits tight to the window, preventing scratching or damage to the glass
  • Omnique screws directly onto the internal fixing plate, enhancing the security of the fan.
  • The cowl is then fixed to the external plate
  • In the event that the cowl is forced off, the polycarbonate external fixing plate will remain fixed to the window offering no further opportunity for access by potential intruders
  • (up to 28mm double glazing)
  • 118mm Ø glazing hole (standard)
  • No heat loss - no draughts The unique external grille has been designed to minimise backdraughts, helping to prevent unnecessary cold draughts within your home
  • Omnique's dual-layered secure design is driven from the use of two polycarbonate fixing plates (the same material used in hard hats) one on the outside attached to the external cowl and one on the inside attached to Omnique
  • Two fixing plates manufactured from polycarbonate (the same as hard hats) are mounted either side of the glass and then fixed securely from the inside
  • In the event that the cowl is forced off, the plates remain intact with no edges to lever from to break it away from the glass or the fan inside
  • Unique grille design minimises backdraught helping to reduce heat loss in homes
  • External cowl offers long-term quality assurance as it is manufactured from UV Stablised ASA material
  • Following consultation with Local Authorities, Housing Associations and those responsible for consulting on secure designs in housing, we offer a unique window kit with a dual-layered secure design and manufactured from a mix of durable materials
  • With Omnique screwing directly into the fixing plates, a 'sandwich' effect is created helping add extra strength to the entire installation as the product is secured from inside to outside through the glass
  • Angled edge design helps deflect any external impact forces

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