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Groovy Food Cool Oil Omega 369 - 250ml

  • This brilliant oil is a unique blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9, created to give the right amounts of Omega oils our bodies need.


Product Description

  • Even better, unlike saturated fats, EFAs are used up by the body rapidly, so they dont end up as fat stored round your bum, belly or other bits!

    Our bodies crave essential fatty acids but because we cant produce them, we have to get them by eating the right things
  • Research has shown that by increasing our intake of essential fatty acids (EFAs - the good fats), in the right ratio, our bodies can experience a wide variety of health benefits
  • Unfortunately, with our busy lifestyles its not always easy to get enough of them in our daily diets and in the right balance.

    Well, now you can, as Cool Oil does all the hard work for you! Made up of a blend of flax, hemp and pumpkin seed oils, and oil of evening primrose, it is custom-blended to provide the answer to all your EFA needs!

    More and more research is leading towards the belief that a balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 contains properties that may help maintain brain function, a healthy heart, bendy joints, great skin and wonderful energy levels.

    Treat your body to a head to toe service with every gulp


Fantastically versatile, you can pour Cool Oil on to your salads, rice or spuds, add it to your smoothies and salad dressings, drizzle it onto your bread or just enjoy it on its own. Just dont heat or cook with it or youll lose all the goodness.

Just a cheeky drop of our 3 star oil could help put the boing back in your bounce, keep skin soft as a babies bottie, help you stay bug free, get your grin muscles going and your joints bendier than a snakes boogie!


One lady. One day. One blender.
It all began with a lovely lady called Rosie (yes, that’s her in the picture). One morning Rosie woke up. It was Tuesday. It was winter. And Rosie was fed up. She was fed up after years of suffering with back and joint problems.

So she decided to try something new to stop herself feeling poorly. She studied nutrition and changed her diet. Then she became pals with Omega 3, 6 and 9. They made friends with Rosie’s blender. They all got on swimmingly. And a few Omega cocktails later, Rosie felt better than ever.

It was a revelation. Rosie decided to share her passion for healthy, nutritious food with everyone. And in November 2002, The Groovy Food Company burst into life.

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5 out of 5
By geordie | Posted on: 04/11/2015


Excellent value, delivery, and service. I would buy this product again.

5 out of 5
By Poppy | Posted on: 27/02/2014

Cool Oil

I have used it for years. It keeps me free from arthritis so I recommend it to any fellow sufferers.

2 out of 5
By biddy | Posted on: 12/06/2013

sounds ok

Have not used this product long enough to determine if it will help my aches and pains. Found it difficult to find any way to make it palatable to take. still working on this!

5 out of 5
By pookie | Posted on: 23/02/2013


feeling benefit already after 4 weeks ordering some more right now

4 out of 5
By LindaJ | Posted on: 16/10/2012

Good stuff

Good for you, therefore it is not the most pleasant taste in the world!


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