ELGS11687 Growing Success

Growing Success Mole Repellent - 100g

  • It works by confusing the mole's sense of taste and smell
  • Each sachet treats 34m.sqr.Apply as a coarse spray in calm conditions or with a watering can fitted with a fine rose to moist bare ground or closely mown turf immediately prior to irrigation or rain.Note: for treatment to be effective do not allow application to dry on the soil surface
  • Repeat as necessary for extended control
  • Growing Success Mole Repellent, 100g, Biodegradable Growing Success Mole Repellent deters or moves moles in lawns and borders
  • Instructions For Use: Preparation Level all molehills and remove any surplus surface vegetation before closely mowing the lawn
  • 15200
  • Established infestations Commence treatment at the edge of the infested area furthest from the original point of entry and apply in a 10 metre long stripRepeat application in successive strips at daily intervals, working towards the original point of entry, to move the moles out of your garden
  • Safety Instructions Keep out of the reach of childrenKeep away from food and drinkStore unused sachets in a safe place - do not store half used sachetsDo not breathe powder dustWash hands and exposed skin after useKeep in original container, tightly closed in a safe placeDo not empty into drainsDispose of unused product, in its container at a household waste site (civic amenity site) contact your local council (local authority) for detailsDispose of empty container in dustbinIf you feel unwell seek medical advice immediatelyProtect from frostTo avoid risk to man and the environment comply with all instructions for useBiodegradable - the powder breaks down naturally into nitrogenous fertiliser FOR USE ONLY AS A HOME GARDEN ANIMAL REPELLENT Contains 88% aluminium ammonium sulphate MAPP No
  • Allow to cool and stir thoroughly before use
  • How to use Dissolve contents of one sachet in 9 litres of warm water
  • New mole runs Where moles are moving into new areas apply the mole repellent in a 4 metre wide strip along the runs


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