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GS35 Liquid Seaweed Plant Stimulant / Fertilizer - 10 Litres

  • Containing natural growth promoters: Cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins and betaines
  • GS35 is very rich, providing excellent value for money by being a triple strength solution
  • You are buyinf GS35 Direct from us the supplier so you are getting the wholesale price and not retail prices
  • For newly planted and/or delicate plants, the lower or weaker mix is advised until well established
  • compared to the market leader you know the one begging with 'M' which is only a 12% solution
  • GS35 is packed with every nutrient you plants need, with over 50 nutrients such as Amino Acids, Vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates
  • APPLICATION RATES:5ml/tspn per 1.5ltrs for medium strength mixVary litreage of water to weaken or strengthen mixAll application rates supplied are general guidelines only
  • 10lt GS-35 Liquid Seaweed Extract / Plant Stimulant / Fertilizer triple strengh to the market leader!!!!!! Bulk Buy!!! Triple strength liquid seaweed a 36% solution, nautral growth stimulant obtained by the alkaline hydrolysis of ascophyllum nodosum harvested from the atlantic ocean
  • Suitable for all plants and crops to improve health growth performance and yield as a soil feed or a foilage feed
  • A Triple strength solution at wholesale prices
  • Responsibility for soil/enviromental conditions, individual mixes and results is that of the end user.


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