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Guerlain Chamade Parfum - 30ml


Product Description

  • There was a particular drum roll, called La Chamade, which meant to beat a retreat
  • With flowers in a thousand nuanced shades, this perfume speaks of romantic and audacious woman who serenely accepts the inclinations of her heart
  • In the time of Napoleon's armies, generals communicated by drumbeat

  • This perfume is a hymn to love that unfurls like the spring with equal grace, femininity and attraction
  • For the first time in perfumery, Jean-Paul Guerlain introduced to a formula the green and fruity accent of cassis buds, freshened with a green harmony of hyacinth
  • A concerto of flowers mixed with fruit, orchestrated by the softness of vanilla and oriental notes
  • The heart turns upside down to form a bottle capped with a stopper inspired by, you guessed it, Cupid's arrow.

    Fragrance Description

    Oriental fruity floral Dynamic, assertive, seductive

  • Lastly, this symphony is embellished with Guerlinade, in which vanilla, iris and Tonka bean reign in majesty.

    Perfumer's Secret

    Spray a few drops of Extract or Eau de Toilette on neutral body milk or cream so that each inch of skin can be delicately perfumed.

  • Who can say that their heart has never capitulated and beat a retreat to the rhythm of La Chamade?
    Created in 1969 by Jean-Paul Guerlain, Chamade is a perfume created in homage to this exceptional moment, when the heart surrenders to love.

    The Heart Surrenders

    A heart that beats La Chamade is translating the effervescence of love, the moment when the heart capitulates in the face of emotional intensity

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