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Guerlain Nahema Parfum - 30ml


Product Description

  • They were so much alike that their father gave them each names that were formed using the same letters: Mahane and Nahema
  • The fiery Nahema, whose nature was to devour everything, understood her fate and let her gentle sister marry the prince, then departed for a faraway land.

    Nahema is the perfume of provocation, seduction and absolute femininity.

    An Homage to The Rose

    Nahema represents the two faces of the eternal feminine: the woman who is at once provocative and generous

  • Their beauty was soon renowned throughout the land
  • To its heart, Jean-Paul Guerlain added the fresh green scent of hyacinth
  • The dry-down is upheld by sandalwood and patchouli.

    Perfumer's Secret

    Perfume, which is also called an Extract, is the most concentrated and therefore the most faithful version of a perfume

  • Created to be in osmosis with the skin, an Extract creates a unique alchemy upon contact with the skin and expresses itself differently on every woman
  • The bottle was inspired by 19th-century pharmacy bottles
  • Streamlined and sober, almost masculine, it is crowned with a stopper that recalls a champagne cork, a clever nod to parties and the sparkling woman who wears the fragrance

    Fragrance Description

    Fruity Floral Stirring, velvety, unique This essence recalls the captivating charms of Asia

  • Then come fruit, peaches and passion fruit, symbols of temptation since the time of Eve
  • Nahema reconciles passion and tenderness, provocation and giving of oneself
  • A haunting perfume, inspired by the Orient and composed around an intense floral accord
  • A few drops applied on the inside of the wrists and elbows, at the base of the neck, at the roots of the hair or in the hollow of the dEcolletE will reveal their presence with the movements of their wearer and the passage of time without ever becoming overpowering

  • But their resemblance was only skin-deep, for insofar as Mahane was gentle, timid and obedient, Nahema, whose symbol of femininity was the flower, was filled with fire, indomitable and passionate.
    One day a prince came to court them, but his heart was divided and he did not know which sister to choose
  • This perfume is an enigmatic elixir whose muse is an oriental rose with spellbinding charms
  • Once upon a time, far away in the Orient, a sultan had twin daughters

  • It is first a swell of roses chosen from the best families of this innumerable species

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