GBRT11373 Gustav Emil Ern

Gustav Emil Ern Trussing Needle - 10"

  • With a large eye, this stainless steel needle 10" takes a thin gauge of string to make a neat and efficient job of trussing poultry or sewing up stuffed joints.


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Gustav Emil Ern chefs knives are manufactured in Solingen, Germany. Solingen, “the City of Blades” is renowned throughout the world for the production of exceptional quality chefs and butchers knives.
The superb quality of our knives is the result of using only the finest materials, together with a long tradition of expertise and craftsmanship. A superior grade of stainless steel is used in production, obtained from the finest steel with carbon, molybdenum and vanadium. The combination of these materials and careful hardening, grinding and polishing, guarantee a superior and longer lasting cutting edge together with high corrosion resistance.

Knife designs have evolved over centuries and specific tasks require knives of different weights and design. For this reason we have listed our most popular riveted range according to whether the blade weight is heavy (fully forged) or less heavy (stamped).

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Expected Despatch By 03/11/2016

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