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HappyNose Electronic Musical Baby Nasal Aspirator

  • HappyNose Electronic Musical Baby Nasal Aspirator

Product Description

The HappyNose product is an electronic Nasal Aspirator that helps parents to quickly, effectively and safely remove nasal secrete and snot from children's and baby's noses. Three soft, flexible and washable silicone tips allows it to fit comfortably for children and babies from birth.
\r\nRemoves nasal secretions in seconds at the push of a button
\r\nThe product is clinically tested
\r\nDue to the waterproof construction, HappyNose can be cleaned easily
\r\nThe product is CE certified, quality assured and has environmentally friendly production through ISO standards
\r\nQuick, effective and hygienic for the baby and the parent
\r\nSafe and gentle to use from birth
\r\nPlays 12 different soothing melodies to entertain and distract your baby. Light-weight, functional and aesthetic design makes HappyNose very easy to use.
\r\nInstructions for use and cleaning are included
\r\n2 x AA batteries included
\r\n12 months warranty

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