HASU10041 Harrogate

Harrogate Spa Sparkling Spring Water Glass Bottle - Pack of 12 x 750ml

  • Britain's original Spa water, famous for more than 400 years.Bottled at a single, sustainable UK source.


Product Description

  • Since it was revived in 2002 after a 30 year absence from the market place, Harrogate Spa Water has re-established its reputation for premium quality and is now one of the top-ten water brands in the UK
  • First bottled in 1596, Harrogate's famous mineral-rich spring water is the original British spa water
  • All Harrogate Spa Water is bottled from a single, sustainable source in Harrogate and is available in still and sparkling varieties.
  • Low in sodium and with a well-balanced mineral content, Harrogate Spa Water is the perfect accompaniment to any meal
  • Its lightweight PET bottles have been commended by the Waste and Resources Management Programme (WRAP) for beating industry targets to cut down on the use of plastic


Water, Carbon Dioxide, Calcium 52.7, Magnesium 15.7,Sodium 6.15, Fluoride 0.157, Bicarbonate 235, Chloride 19.5, Nitrate<1, Sulphate 7.2

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The Harrogate Sulphur Soap Co








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