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Harrogate Spa Sparkling Spring Water PET Bottle - Pack of 12 x 1500ml

  • Harrogate Spa Water sparkling spring water.


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  • The PET Range has been designed to give the brand prominence on shelf, and satisfy consumer needs at home and on the move.


Harrogate in North Yorkshire is the source of Britain 's original spa water. The town's first well was discovered in 1571 by William Slingsby who christened the town "the English Spa".

The development of the town has been inextricably linked to its wells and the rise and fall in the popularity of 'taking the waters'. During the 1920s Harrogate Spa was the UK 's largest exporter of mineral water, but by the end of the 1970s the water industry had all but vanished.

In May 2002 the first bottles came off the line of a brand-new £3 million bottling plant at Harlow Hill where a new well had been sunk, marking the revival of Harrogate 's most important industry.

The company directors are determined that Harrogate Spa water will once again rise to the heights of popularity it enjoyed during its heydey. Their efforts are paying off. In less than two years Harrogate Spa water had entered the top 20 best-selling water brands, it's listed in all the major UK supermarkets, is available in some of the country's leading restaurants, on planes and trains, and in thousands of other outlets across the UK. It's even got a loyal following abroad and exports to as far afield as Australia , California and Hong Kong.

Harrogate Spa water is sourced from water-bearing rocks near the centre of town, 150 feet below the ground. It is renowned for being low in sodium, having a well-balanced mineral content and a slightly sweet flavour. The sparkling water is only lightly carbonated – meaning it can be drunk comfortably in large quantities and goes well with any type of food. It has received international recognition by winning the gold medal at the International Water Tasting Awards at Berkeley Spring in the USA .


Background information

From c.1100, English monarchs owned the land and waters that made Harrogate world famous. In c.1596, one of Harrogate’s springs was named the “English Spa” by Dr. Timothy Bright, physician to Queen Elizabeth 1. Having sampled the water, he was so impressed by the unique quality, that he immediately recommended it to his friends and patients. These events led to Harrogate becoming known as a Spa town. In 1778, in recognition of Harrogate waters’ unique qualities, the celebrated springs were presented to the public by King George 111.

In later years, Harrogate developed as a spa town, offering a variety of activities to promote general good health. They were: medicinal water (for drinking and bathing); exercise (notably promenading); and entertainment. During the Victorian era, doctors would recommend 'taking the waters' to their wealthy patients. Luxury hotels and elegant public buildings such as the Royal Baths were constructed to cater for these visitors who brought increased prosperity to the town.

By the 1920s Harrogate was the UK's leading bottler and exporter of table water, but the Second World War brought about the decline of the water industry and during the 1970s water bottling ceased in Harrogate.

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