HYMX10012 HayMax

Haymax Pollen Barrier Pure - Pack of 6 x 5ml

  • HayMax is an organic balm that is applied to the rim of the nostrils
  • Haymax Pollen Barrier Pure
  • Less allergen, less reaction.
  • It has been proven to reduce dust and pet allergens and more than a third of pollen from entering the body


Product Description

  • All ingredients are selected to be suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children.
    For your personal preference we offer four varieties of HayMax
  • They all work in exactly the same way but have different additional ingredients to suit you.
    HayMax Pure – no added essential oils or aloe vera
  • HayMax is made from a blend of beeswax, seed oils and essential oils, aloe vera leaf juice extracts or no added fragrance depending on the variety (or varieties) you choose.
    HayMax is 100% organic and drug free
  • Great for sensitive skin or if you prefer to keep things simple.
  • Pure, Aloe Vera, Lavender and Frankincense


HayMax was started by Max Wiseberg, who had suffered from hayfever all his life.

He tried all available remedies for his hay fever with limited or no success, until coming across what later became HayMax. It was simple and it worked!

After a couple of years using it successfully, Max had the time to do some research. Very simply, he discovered that in hayfever sufferers pollen entering the body through the nose triggers a reaction. The body's reaction is to produce histamines. Histamines are the things which, when you've got too much of them, cause the runny nose, the sneezing, the sore and itching eyes and ears and all the other things Hayfever sufferers know so well. He also found out that histamines are the things in our brains which help to keep us alert, attentive and awake. Suddenly it became clear why anti-histamines can make us drowsy, or affect our performance.

Each person has their own level of pollen they can cope with before they start to react. So Max, a hayfever sufferer, didn't need much pollen to make him sneeze. And someone who is not a hayfever sufferer could end up sneezing if you blew a large amount of pollen up their nose. So if Max could reduce the amount of pollen entering the nose, his hayfever might not trouble him so much. It all made sense!

He consulted qualified aromatherapists to ensure the essential oils used would have the best chance of improving the product without presenting any possible harm. As a result of his research, his consultations and experimentation, he produced a completely natural balm which worked as an effective pollen barrier.

He conducted limited trials, and all respondents say HayMax works.

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