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Hazer Baba Turkish Pomegranate Tea - 250g

  • This tarditional sweet was introduced to Europe in the 18th century and has become a world renowned confectionery ever since, rightly called the "Turkish Delight"
  • Lokum, a genuine Turkish product, is one of the most delectable sweets in the world


Product Description

  • Icing sugar increases the durability of the product whilst preventing the pieces sticking together.

    With its unique features, Turkish Delight requires extensive packaging
  • Turkish Delight was one of the first confections known to man, presented in cubes and dreged with a mixture of icing sugar and corn flour or coconut flakes
  • It should be packed in exclusively designed boxes with raised sides in order to maintain a proper shape and avoid the sticking and damaging of the pieces.

    Turkish Delight loses its shiny appearance when dusted with icing sugar, but the inside remains clear.


HazerBaba Gida Sanayi has began operations in 1986, as manufacturers and exporter of Turkish Delight (lokum) and other sweets, in Istanbul, Turkey. Our aim was to market 100% of our products throughout Europe, the United States and rest of the World. Already we export to more than 30 countries, with particularly large volume to England.During the manufacturing process, we have strict controls that high standarts of quality and purity are met. We take samples from each batch for analysis to ensure that it fulfills our exacting requirments. Our products are enjoying rising demand worldwide...

Turkish Delight was first produced in 15th century Turkey as a sweet for the Sultans. Later, by order of the Sultans, it was developed and presented to the people for general consumption. It is classified as a sweet, but can also be enjoyed as an appetizer. Until 1986, Turkish Delight was sold in loose form 5-10 kg cases. There were very few 500 g. packs. Our company produces various weights, starting from 125 g. up to 454 g. and our product can be seen in well known supermarkets across the world. Turkish Delight has become a well recognized product, and a desireable item on the shelves. It is usually found among the chocolate and candy products and sells well. It has good lasting qualities, both in winter and summer. The product melts in the mouth, tastes wonderful and easily digested. It has a shelf life of 18 months when correctly stored.

Our company offers a good service, and our staff have both technical and international commercial experience. We can produce 8 tons per day to equivalent to a 20 foot container. Once despatch, the products are monitored to ensure promt delivery. If required, there is possibility of gruppage, again throughout the world for minimum quantities. In addition, we supply instant apple tea, orange, lemon, strawberry and pomegranate tea (in powder form). Also we have available Cotton Candy Delight, Turkish Coffee, Turkish Black Tea and assorted halva fancy retail boxed.

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5 out of 5
By Ernie | Posted on: 09/12/2013

Excellent product

This is one of the best Turkish teas and is the most tasty and smooth drinks in my opinion and is very easy to use.

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