PHAR17426 Health Aid

Health Aid lmmuProbio (50 Billion) - 30 Vegicaps

  • Dairy free
  • Probiotic Mix 50 billion for immune support
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.


Product Description

  • HealthAid ImmuProbio is a unique formulation containing a superior blend of 50 billion viable bacterial strains, fortified with a prebiotic (FOS), to help replenish the body’s good bacteria and maintain a healthy immune system
  • Poor diet, stress, alcohol and antibiotics can upset the gastrointestinal tract by destroying good bacteria and allowing undesirable bacteria to multiply
  • HealthAid uses special acid & bile resistant strains, which prevent the stomach juices destroying the ingredients before they reach the intestines, ensuring their purity and potency
  • What are ImmuProbio capsules for?
    ImmuProbio capsules may be of benefit to; Those with persistent bowel discomfort
  • People who regularly suffer from wind or bloating problems.Those following a course of antibiotics
  • People who lead a stressful lifestyle and a follow a poor diet ImmuProbio capsules can be taken on a daily basis for general health and well-being of the digestive tract or just periodically to overcome momentary stomach disorders as well as for support during or following an antibiotic course


Recommended Daily Intake :Adult’s one capsule daily, preferably before breakfast. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.


Our Philosophy
Throughout the years, the HealthAid philosophy has been to provide a range of products that are carefully researched and nutritionally balanced, and which help to supplement the many and varied dietary needs of the whole family. Many modern lifestyles involve an unhealthy dependence on highly refined or processed foods; hectic schedules, skipped meals, everyday stress and harmful environments which are detrimental to people’s health. HealthAid is committed to maintain an innovative and creative approach to its products, many of which reflect the latest research in the field of nutrition and health. The extensive product range meets the special and individual needs of children, young people, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women, menopausal women, mature males, athletes, busy executives as well as many other lifestyles.

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