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Health Perception Vegetarian Glucosamine 750mg - 30 Tablets

  • High Strength Vegetarian Glucosamine HCL
  • Important for the maintenance of joints and muscles

Glucosamine Tablets 750mg.

Product Description

  • Now everyone can help to maintain mobility of their joints by supplementing their diet with High Strength Vegetarian Glucosamine from Health Perception, a convenient and readily absorbed form of glucosamine HCL formulated with Manganese


Ingredients (per tablet): Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCL Vegetarian source) 750mg, Manganese 2mg


Take one tablet twice a day with meals.


A few years ago the company and brand Health Perception was bought by William Ransom & Son, a company with over 160 years experience in natural extracts and natural health products. David Wilkie (MBE), swimming champion and Olympic Gold Medalist was the founder and was one of the first to bring glucosamine to the UK in 1989. He passionately believed and insisted that his products would: Only be based on high quality nutrients. Offer a wide range to suit differing individual needs – different strengths, different blends using glucosamine as it’s base and even different formats. Tell you exactly how much glucosamine you are getting on the front of pack and be informative too. The result is one of the widest ranges of high quality GlucOsamine supplements.


Since before his Olympic gold medallist days, David Wilkie has been a firm believer in the health benefits of nutritional supplements. In 1989, during an inspirational meeting in America, he and his partner Helen Isacs discovered the amazing potential for natural health products. Later on that year, they co-founded Health Perception with the express aim of developing the highest quality health products available in the UK. Health Perception is deeply committed to caring for customers’ health and fitness. “Health through Nutrition” will always be our mission statement, and the continued development, testing and marketing of new health products using only the best ingredients will further that credo. Health Perception’s expertise ensure continuous expansion and growing success, whilst our dedication to quality through research means that whenever you see a Health Perception product you know it has all the ingredients for a healthy success story. Millions of people all over Britain and the rest of the world are making health supplements a part of their daily lives, this is because more and more scientific research is proving that hundreds of naturally occurring compounds have clear roles to play in maintaining a healthy body.

About Brand

Health Perception offers wide range of high quality glucosamine and chondroitin to suit differing individual needs. GlucOsamine supplements help maintain everyday joint mobility and support joint flexibility.

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