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Heinz Farleys Reduced Sugar Original Rusks - 150g

  • Suitable for babies aged from 4 months.
  • Heinz Farleys Reduced Sugar Original Rusks


Product Description

  • Over the generations, mums have found many uses for Farley's Rusks, from mixing with milk as a first food, to a finger food for toddlers on the go
  • They can also encourage hand to eye coordination, biting and chewing as your baby develops
  • Heinz Farley's Rusks are nutritionally tailored for babies and toddlers, as they're enriched with Vitamins A, C and D and with added prebiotic which helps support healthy digestion and immunity.
  • Heinz Farley’s Rusks easily dissolve in the mouth, making them an ideal finger food for babies who are able to start feeding themselves, usually from around 9 to 10 months of age
  • Heinz Farley's Rusks are a unique food suitable for all ages from weaning through to toddler years and beyond


Mixed flours (wheat, maize, malt), sugar, dextrose, vegetable oil, calcium carbonate, emulsifier (glyceryl monostearate), milk protein, niacin, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin D.

Nutrition Information

The Heinz Promise lists ten of the most important guarantees we make to ensure only the very best ingredients go into our baby foods – and that they’re prepared in the most careful way possible. And rest assured, all our foods are made in accordance with the expert advice we receive from nutritionists. So, wherever you see a Heinz Promise, you’ll know exactly what it means: nothing but the very best in baby food.

- We only use the highest quality fruit and vegetables harvested at the peak of freshness
- We use the same select cuts of meat as you use in your own kitchen
- We do not use GM ingredients
- We thoroughly test all of our ingredients for the most minute traces of chemicals and pesticides before use
- We carefully steam cook our ingredients to reach just the right tastes and textures for your baby
- We do not add salt, artificial flavourings and colourings, nor modified starches to our baby foods
- We never use preservatives either. Our foods are just carefully sealed for freshness
- We only work with farmers who respect natural crop cycles and work to high standards of animal welfare
- We are always talking to paediatric nutritionists and chefs to make sure that our baby foods are nutritious and perfectly balanced
- We listen to and learn from more Mums than anybody else to understand what they need and their babies like


Farley’s was founded as a baker’s shop in Plymouth in the 1850’s. In 1880, Dr W P Eales became concerned with the health of working class children. He asked Edwin Farley to make a biscuit rusk that would be nutritious and affordable for low-income families.

In 1919, Farleys went on to expand the business by making Infant Milk and baby cereals, as well as the now famous rusks. The company was sold to the H J Heinz Company in 1994. Production of Farley’s Baby Milk and dry baby food now takes place in the picturesque town of Kendal in the Lake District.

Farley’s today is about much more than just Rusks. There is a wide range of baby cereals, savoury meals, desserts and baby milks, all produced to the same high standards that made Farley’s Rusks so famous. As a parent it’s natural to be concerned about what you’re feeding your little one as you gradually introduce solids into their diet. That’s why we’ve launched The Heinz Promise.

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