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Henry Squire 37CS Stronglock Padlock Shed Lock 44mm Close Shackle

Product Description

  • The 4-pin tumbler lock mechanism gives over 1,000 key variations.

    Recommended for sheds, garages, lockups, gates, greenhouses, toolboxes, lockers etc.

    Keyed alike and masterkeyed available to order.

    Robust laminated construction made stronger by addition of a solid shackle protector.
    4-pin tumbler lock mechanism - 1024 key variations.
    Can be keyed-alike or master-keyed.
    8 mm hardened steel shackle.
    Size across face: 44 mm.
    Shackle clearance vertical: 13 mm.
    Type: 37CS.

  • A medium to high security durable padlock, with a hardened steel shackle with a covered steel padlock body with anti corrosion finish

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