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High Five Protein Recovery Chocolate Box - 540g

  • The Pro’s choice post exercise
  • Protein contributes to muscle growth and muscle maintenance
  • Contains carbohydrate.
  • High Five Protein Recovery Chocolate Box
  • Contains whey protein isolate (which contains BCAA)


Product Description

  • No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners
    No lactose as an ingredient
  • The whey isolate used in Protein Recovery is a high quality source of protein
  • It can also be mixed with milk or water, whereas 4:1 EnergySource can only be mixed with water
  • Protein contributes to muscle growth and maintenance
  • Protein Recovery has a higher protein content
  • After exercise, your muscles are often low in glycogen (carbohydrate)
  • Consuming carbohydrates contributes to recovery of normal muscle function after strenuous exercise.

    Protein Recovery gives similar benefits to 4:1 EnergySource, but there are a number of key differences
  • It’s also high in Leucine.
  • This is known as the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS)
  • The protein used in Protein Recovery has an even higher score of 1.14
  • Some sports drinks can be acidic
  • Protein Recovery mixed with cold milk is neutral and it can make a pleasant change, especially if you are training hard for many hours a day.

    The whey protein isolate in ProteinRecovery is the very highest quality
  • Suitable for vegetarians
    Protein Recovery is the ultimate drink for after exercise and the Pro’s choice
  • Great light shake taste
    Mix into water or mix into milk
    With natural flavours
  • An ideal protein will have a PDCAAS score of 1.0
  • The Food & Agricultural Organisation have an internationally recognised method to compare the quality of various proteins
  • Protein Recoveryalso contains carbohydrate


Mixed with water: Protein Recovery provides a fast delivery of amino acids for maximum benefit immediately post exercise. Only SummerFruits and Chocolate has been designed to mix with water or milk. See pack for dosage suggestions.

Mixed with milk: Protein Recovery is a light tasting shake with a great taste that’s easy to consume. The addition of milk results in a more progressive and longer lasting delivery of amino acids. This is useful anytime after exercise. If consumed late evening, it provides your body with nutrients as you sleep. All three Protein Recovery flavours can be mixed with milk. See pack for dosage suggestions.

You can also mix Protein Recovery with a milk alternative (soy, almond or other fluids) if you so wish.

About Brand

High5 is a UK company run by athletes. We have competed in many of the World’s toughest events and have years of racing experience between us. We know from personal experience how important it is to get your nutrition absolutely right and what it takes to make a great sports product. High5 has close links with Universities and leading researcher groups. Combining our practical no-nonsense approach with the latest developments in sports science, means that High5 products are always leading edge and 100% fit for purpose. In short, no matter how hard it gets, our products will ensure that you perform at your very best and enjoy your event more. At High5 we continually push the boundaries, finding new ways to help you race faster and go further. We have a number of firsts. We were the first in the World to launch 2:1 fructose energy drinks. We were the first in the World to research 2:1 performance gains and produce step-by-step nutrition guides, so that everyone can benefit. We were first in Europe to launch a 4:1 carbohydrate and protein drink for use during and after sport. We were the first company in the World to undertake advanced carbohydrate absorption testing with elite athletes, setting new records in the process. We were the first in Europe to use real fruit juice for a lighter more refreshing gel taste and still remain one of the few companies to do so – sports nutrition is about more than just go faster technology, it needs to taste great as well. We continually test our products and get athlete feedback. High5 is the on-course nutrition at more than 150 races and events in the UK. At the events where we attend personally, we pride ourselves on being out on-course supporting the first to the last finisher. When you are last in and its getting dark, you need the best nutrition more than most. When its your first Sportive and it’s twice as far as you have ridden before, you need the best nutrition more than most. When you’re fighting for a PB or a win, you need the best nutrition more than most. We take great pride in the fact that for almost 20 years we have produced some of the very best sports nutrition products available and helped athletes (including ourselves) reach their sporting objectives.

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