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High Resistance Band Pack - (Level 3-5)

  • The Exercise Bands provide a smooth progressive resistance throughout the full range of motion and their low recoil properties provide a smooth stretch and will not jerk back when you stretch the bands
  • Available as a starter or advanced multi-pack, the colours represent a different level of resistance, i.e
  • The Exercise Bands can easily be tied and untied in knots to create loops for looping around your feet, arms, chair legs or door handles for specific exercises
  • the thickness of the material will require more strength to stretch, therefore strengthening the muscles used more
  • Often Physiotherapists will recommend a light band to start with and assist you to build up your strength, slowly moving up to the heavire bands
  • The Starter Pack includes levels 1-3 (extra light, light and medium strength bands) and the advanced pack includes levels 3-5 (medium, strong and extra strong strength bands).
  • These Exercise Bands are an excellent product for exercise, rehabilitation and conditioning


Product Description

  • Advanced Pack
    3 different resistances
    Ideal for strengthening
    Perfect rehab tool
    Cheaper than buying individual bands

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