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HINA13555 Higher Nature

Higher Nature Astaxanthin & Blackcurrant - 30 Capsules

by Higher Nature
  • Astaxanthin & BlackcurrantExceptionally powerful antioxidant protection

Selected Size: 30 Capsules

  • Expected Despatch By 08/12/2016


Product Description

    • Like Lutein and Zeaxanthin, but unlike other carotenoids, Astaxanthin can enter the eye, where it provides antioxidant support to the retina and supports sharp vision
    • But farmed fish are commonly fed synthetic Astaxanthin, to give them the pink pigmentation we expect to see, and this synthetic Astaxanthin is of little use to humans
    • Higher Nature’s Astaxanthin is obtained from an unpolluted source of the aquatic plant Haematococcus pluvialis
    • It also helps protect cells against free radicals, thereby helping prolong the ageing process
    • Astaxanthin helps maintain healthy joints by favourably influencing the condition of cartilage
    • And it helps support balanced energy levels and healthy immune function
      Astaxanthin gives flamingos their brilliant pink plumage, and colours wild salmon, and cooked prawns and lobsters, pink
    • More and more farmed fish are appearing in our diets
    • So we are getting less Astaxanthin in our diet than ever before
    • Astaxanthin is protected within the vegetable capsule with natural antioxidants: Mixed Carotenoids (alpha and beta carotene, lutein and lycopene), Rosemary leaf and Vitamins C and E
    • Their potency may be three times greater than blueberries
    • Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants available - more powerful even than Vitamin E, Beta Carotene or Lutein
    • Astaxanthin may help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, by supporting healthy cholesterol levels and low C-reactive protein levels
    • It helps protect DNA against free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules, which if left unchecked can severely damage cells)
    • Best absorbed when taken with a meal containing olive (or other vegetable) oil
    • Blackcurrants are an excellent source of antioxidant anthocyanidins, polyphenols and Vitamin C
    • It is thought that this pink pigmentation offers natural protection against harmful UV light
    • Available in easy-to-swallow, vegetable capsules.

Nutrition Information

  • 4mg pure Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis, 100mg Blackcurrant fruit 4:1, minimum 622mg Tomato (natural source of lycopene), 6mg Mixed carotenoids, 1.5mg Rosemary leaf standardised extract (2-3% carnosic acid), Ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C), Vitamin E.


  • Take 2 Astaxanthin and Blackcurrant capsules a day, with a meal.


  • Higher Nature is dedicated to finding the best natural, non-toxic, nutritional supplements and effective remedies for full health and potential, making real information available, and supplying them to the highest standards and as efficiently as possible.

    Our Philosophy
    The basic philosophy of Higher Nature is to dedicate our work to the benefit of all beings. We find that this gives our work a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction. Part of this philosophy is to help by providing what people need to keep them healthy, and to regard ourselves as serving rather than exploiting the market. It also means helping and not harming animals and having a strong environmental awareness - recycling, using sustainable materials as far as possible and taking care of our beautiful rural situation.

    Our Products
    We provide natural supplements, using materials that have a beneficial and harmonious effect on the body without toxicity and side effects. The herbs and plants used are organic where possible and are freshly dried and powdered. In some cases we use standardised extracts which guarantee potency. It can also mean using materials which are bio-identical, or in a form which the body recognises as part of its own chemistry. The company avoids genetically modified sources and any other synthetic processes because of the potential hazards to health and ecology.

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