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Higher Nature True Food All Man - 30 Capsules

  • True Food All Man VV Complete multivitamin, mineral, antioxidant, brain food, amino acid, herbal & probiotic formula for men, in 'true food' form.


Product Description

  • In addition, the formula provides key antioxidants, brain foods and amino acids, plus a wide spectrum of botanicals selected for men, and a hardy probiotic for digestive well-being
  • True Food® All Man
    Probably the most complete multi-nutrient formulation ever for menTrue Food® All Man provides a complete spectrum of bio-transformed™ vitamins and essential minerals
  • This formula contains Vitamin A


Three capsules provide: VITAMINS: Vitamin A* (5000iu) 1500µg Betacarotene* 1mg Vitamin B1* 3mg Vitamin... more VITAMINS: Vitamin A* (5000iu) 1500µg Betacarotene* 1mg Vitamin B1* 3mg Vitamin B2* 3mg Vitamin B3* 18mg Pantothenic Acid* 10mg Vitamin B6* 2.5mg Vitamin B12* 1µg Folic Acid* 100µg Biotin* 0.05mg Vitamin C*1 244mg Bioflavonoids* 8mg Vitamin D* (60iu) 1.5µg Vitamin E* (7.5iu) 5mg Vitamin K* 30µg MINERALS: Boron* 0.75mg Calcium2 120mg Copper* 1mg Chromium GTF* 30µg Iodine (Kelp) 50µg Iron* 2mg Lithium* 0.75mg Magnesium*1 2 37.7mg Manganese* 1mg Molybdenum* 20µg Selenium* 75µg Vanadium* 50µg Zinc* 12mg Silicon (Horsetail) 11.65mg BOTANICALS: Artichoke 10mg Anise 10mg Broccoli extract 4:1 5mg Capsicum 5mg Coriander 15mg Fenugreek 10mg Garlic 10mg Ginger 1mg Horsetail 10.7mg Kelp 9.15mg Parsley 5mg Sweet Basil 10mg Watercress 10mg Wild Lettuce 10mg ADDITIONAL NUTRIENTS: Alpha Lipoic acid 5mg Bromelain 20mg DMAE 10mg L-carnitine 25mg Co-enzyme Q10* 2.7mg Super Pot Soyagen* 10mg PROBIOTIC: Lactobacillus sporogenes 5 million *Individually bio-transformed™ nutrient 1Includes Mg ascorbate 2 Lithothamion calcarea


Three capsules per day


About Higher Nature

Higher Nature is dedicated to finding the best natural, non-toxic, nutritional supplements and effective remedies for full health and potential, making real information available, and supplying them to the highest standards and as efficiently as possible.

Our Philosophy
The basic philosophy of Higher Nature is to dedicate our work to the benefit of all beings. We find that this gives our work a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction. Part of this philosophy is to help by providing what people need to keep them healthy, and to regard ourselves as serving rather than exploiting the market. It also means helping and not harming animals and having a strong environmental awareness - recycling, using sustainable materials as far as possible and taking care of our beautiful rural situation.

Our Products
We provide natural supplements, using materials that have a beneficial and harmonious effect on the body without toxicity and side effects. The herbs and plants used are organic where possible and are freshly dried and powdered. In some cases we use standardised extracts which guarantee potency. It can also mean using materials which are bio-identical, or in a form which the body recognises as part of its own chemistry. The company avoids genetically modified sources and any other synthetic processes because of the potential hazards to health and ecology.

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