BFUK12828 Hive of Beauty

Hive No.1 Wax Heater - 1 Litre

  • Key Features Designed for the use of depilatory warm wax hot wax & paraffin wax
  • Regulator Control Dial free of wax
  • Temperature Regulator Control
  • On/Off Power & Thermostat Indicator Light
  • Safety Handle
  • Care Instructions Keep the On/Off Switch & Temp
  • Specification 1 Litre (1000cc) Capacity Guidelines Standard size jars of wax can not be directly inserted into this heater
  • Clean heater with Options by Hive Wax Equipment Cleaner
  • Turn the Temperature Control Dial on to number 6
  • To decant wax into this heater: 1
  • The outside & inside of the heater should be cleaned after each use
  • 3
  • Holds 1 litre excellent when a large amount of wax needs to be heated
  • Includes Locking Lid Removable Locking Base & Collar
  • This professional 1 Litre (1000cc) capacity Wax Heater is specifically designed for use with depilatory warm and hot waxes for salon perfect hair removal or luxurious paraffin heat therapy treatments
  • Regular & thorough cleaning can prolong the heaters working life.
  • 2
  • Waxes must be decanted into the inner container for use
  • Remove the lid off your chosen wax turn the jar upside down and gently rest it on the Scraper Bar of the Inner Container
  • The heat will rise and melt the wax into the Inner Container
  • NB: Always test the wax prior to use on your client to make sure the temperature is not too hot or uncomfortable
  • Includes Inner Container with Handle & Scraper Bar
  • Once the wax has decanted into the Inner Container dispose of the empty jar and turn down the Temperature Control Dial to the appropriate temperature


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