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Hodmedod's Whole Dried Kabuki Peas - 500g

  • Hodmedod's Whole Dried Kabuki Peas
  • Kabuki peas are among the best varieties of dried green marrowfat peas
  • Most often used for classic mushy peas but great for much more besides


Product Description

  • They pair particularly well with Japanese wasbi or British horseradish
  • Fresh green leafy Kabuki pea shoots are delicious too
  • Delicious in salads
  • Roast for crunchy snacks

About Brand

Hodmedod sources produce from British farms to supply the best ingredients and delicious foods. We’re particularly interested in searching out less well-known foods, like the fava bean – grown in Britain since the Iron Age but now almost forgotten – and black badger peas. We sell a growing range of British pulses – split and whole fava beans – and peas – Kabuki marrowfat, black badger, yellow, large blue, split green and split yellow. Our pulses are available in kitchen packs and catering sacks. In January 2014 we launched our first canned beans – Baked British Beans, Vaal Dhal, Fava Beans in Water. Later in 2014 we’ll be launching more new products, including roasted fava beans, red haricot beans and other varieties of British-grown beans. Watch this space!

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