SALC10084 Holex

Holex White Chocolate Bar - 100g

  • Fructose sweetened & diabetic friendly - all the taste without the sugar!


Product Description

  • Excessive consumption may have a slight laxative effect
  • The main benefits of eating Sugar Free confections as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are:
    • Contain a 1/3rd less calories than sugar
    • Doesn't promote dental decay
    • Suitable for those on a sugar restricted diet (including diabetics)

    It is advised that it is best to eat less than 25g per day of Sugar Free confections (varies with each individual)
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Cocoa Butter, Fructose, totally dehydrated milk, skimmed milk powder, emusifier; soya lecithin, flavouring.


Albert Leslie Simpkin founded the company in 1921 upon his return from the Great War.

His concept was to manufacture high quality glucose confections using, wherever possible, only natural flavours and colours. He proceeded to aim sales through the chemist/pharmacy shops, as this enabled him to build up a niche market and avoid being in competition with the large confectionery manufacturers. Within three years he had an 80% coverage throughout the UK which meant that he opened 12,000 accounts.

Business continued to flourish and he bought a burnt down refrigeration factory in Hillsborough, Sheffield. Using the shell he built a purpose made factory of 40,000sq ft and employed 180 people. It was at this time he got the idea of extending the range from bulk Barley Sugars in jars to powdered sweets in 8oz tins.

The travel tin evolved to due it being the only container that was relatively airtight. This was an important factor because the sweets had a high fruit juice content and would go sticky when exposed to dampness. The white powder was initialy added to stop the sweets sticking together. The tins in the 1920's were not totally airtight, as they were seamed cans so the shelf life was still fairly short, however in the 1950's a can was produced with no seam so the sweets would remain fresh for years.

Due to Simpkins Pharmacy distribution the original tins of Simpkins sweets all contained Barley Sugar Drops (which are proven to alleviate the symptoms of Travel Sickness).......hence the term TRAVEL SWEETS.......Simpkins are proud to be the ORIGINAL manufacturer of Travel Sweets.

During the Second World War, when sweets were rationed, the company was zoned as to where sales could be made. Simpkins were confined to North of Birmingham and their competitors South. Today UK sales are still predominantly through chemist and health food outlets - with Travel Tins and Sugar Free confectionery.

However, as a company Simpkins have now evolved and also manufacture for and distribute into most sales sectors including garage forecourts and high class confectionery shops.

As well as Simpkins branded products, there is also a substantial proportion of the business dedicated to own label and corporate brands.

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