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Hotpoint Adaptor Vent Hose Tumble Dryer

Product Description

OPN: C00206593

This part is a genuine Hotpoint spare parts.

Vent hoses are used for the safe exit of steam that is extracted from the process of drying in your tumble dryer.
If your Hotpoint hose has become loose or no longer connects properly to your dryer then you may need to replace the hose adaptor to ensure your hose is fitted safely and securely to your machine.

Fit to Model:
37415, 37640, 37641, 37642, 37643, 37644, 37645E, 37646E, 37649, 37650, 37651, 37652, 37653E, 37654G, 37655, 37656, 37657, 37658, 37660, 37740, 37742, 37743, 37745E, 37746E, 37750, 37751, 37752, 37753E, 9317W1, 9318A, 9318P, 9318PE, 9318W, 9326W1, 9327A, 9327P, 9327PE, 9327W, 9336W1, 9339A, 9339P, 9339PE, 9339W, 9349A, 9349P, 9349W, 9375P, J501VW, TL14P, TL21A, TL21P, TL21W, TL22A, TL22P, TL22W, TL31P, TL41A, TL41P, TL41W, TL42A, L42P, TL42W, TL43A, TL43P, TL43W, TL51P, TL52P, TL61P, TL71P

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