FAFS10059 Hotteeze

Hotteeze Heat Pad

  • The Hotteeze Heat Pads are self adhesive heat pads that stick directly to your clothes (without marking or leaving a residue), the light weight and slim design means they are entirely discreet
  • Heat Specification- Highest Temperature: 63 degrees Celsius, Average Temperature: 50 degrees Celsius, Duration: 12 Hours above 40 degrees Celsius, Pad Size: 133mm x 100mm.
  • Hotteeze Heat Pads last up to 12 hours and can be used for immediate general warming and soothing of a particular area of the body or just to warm yourself up! Hotteeze heat pads a ideal for soothing and easing aching muscles, joings and the pain of arthritis
  • Once opened, and it has been used, you can just throw it away
  • It gradually warms up to a comfortable temperature, and then remains constant for up to 12 hours
  • How Do Hotteeze Work? Hotteeze Heat Pads contain iron powder, water, vermiculite, carbon and salt
  • When you open a Hotteeze, the iron oxidizes with the air, creating heat


Product Description

  • Self Adhesive Heat Pad
    Stick to inside of clothes
    Average 50 Degrees Celcius
    12 hours above 40 Degrees

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