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Howdah Peppered Banana Chips - Pack of 16 x 100g

  • Howdah Peppered Banana Chips. Our light and delicious banana chips, dusted with black pepper and cumin, are an exotic alternative to potato crisps.

Product Description

Originating from the humid & tropical climate of the southern state of Kerala. Our tip: These are a great appetizer and go perfectly with houmous!

About Brand

Howdah – meaning the carriage which royalfamilies of India rode in on the back of an elephant, has been adopted by Mumbaifoods as the branding behind a unique, innovative and authentic sharing snack product. Our range of products have been conceived by Falu Shah of Mumbaifoods, and are born out of her passion for food and the sharing culture that is a traditionalfeature of the typicalIndian family. The snacks are authentic recreations of food prepared in traditionalIndian family homes and are made using recipes handed down through generations and incorporate high quality regionally authentic spices which are typical of India’s diverse cultures. Many of the spices used to create the unique flavours of Howdah products are of high quality and are difficult to source outside ofspecific regions of India. “I wanted to create something that was typical of what we relished as snack foods throughout the day in my Indian home, there was nothing in the UK that came close. I have lived throughout India and the snacks varied from region to region and were based on localspices and culinary traditions that went back generations. I wanted to bring to the UK a range of sharing snack products we could share with friends and families that truly represented those of my childhood days.” Our snacks have already won a number of awards for quality, taste, and originality, and authenticity at the ‘Fine Food Awards’ and have had great trade press. Many of the UK’s key retail organizations are now stocking the range of flavors. The products have been inspired by Indian traditions and culture so the range naturally includes Vegan, Vegetarian, Coeliac and Halal products and these ranges have been popular in health and whole food environments.

About Range

Explore our range of 6 tasty snacks, each authentically produced in India using locally sourced ingredients (that aren’t readily available in the UK), reflecting the colour, vibrancy and diversity of Indian Cuisine. It’s these locally sourced ingredients that give our snacks their unique taste. What’s more, our snacks are traditionally made, using recipes that have been handed down through generations and use only the freshest herbs, spices and flours to create our taste sensations. We’re free from additives, preservatives and 100% vegetarian and vegan too – and some are even Gluten free – so we tick all the boxes for a great quality snack.

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