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Hubner ImmunPRO Infection Blocker - 30 Tablets

  • Hubner ImmunPRO Infection Blocker
  • Natural protection for health when the risk of infection is higher
  • Using HÜBNER ImmunPRO Infection Blocker regularly supports the body’s natural immune system


Product Description

Hubner ImmunPRO Infection Blocker.

  • The standardised special extract of cistus villosus contains a high level of polyphenols (up to 300 mg per daily dose)
  • The polyphenols (tannins) in the cistus villosus extract coat the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat, thus helping to ward off cold viruses
  • This physical effect means that no resistance is built up
  • The cistus villosus extract used in this product is obtained from cistus villosus (rockrose) harvested in the wild


Active ingredient: 1 tablet contains 73.5 mg cistus villosus extract with 50 mg polyphenols. Further components: isomalt, cellulose, xylitol, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, gummi arabicum, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, acesulfam K, natural flavour, modified starch


Against an increased risk of infection (e.g. at the first signs of a sore throat) and against the common cold, allow 1 tablet to dissolve slowly in the mouth up 3 to 6 times a day. HÜBNER ImmunPRO Infection Blocker is not intended for long-term use.


Lactose free • Gluten free • Sugar free • Free from preservatives and colourings

Manufactured by

Anton Hubner GmbH








5 out of 5
By Darian | Posted on: 30/12/2014

Five star

I just love this product.Working rapidly .I feel improvement in my immune system.Nice one.

5 out of 5
By John | Posted on: 08/12/2014

Five Stars

I was at work with sore thorat so one of my colleague gave me this product to try and end of that day I was feeling good as my sore thrat was clear.Working rapidly & improve immune as well.Effective product.

4 out of 5
By Ernest | Posted on: 21/11/2014

Excellent remedy

If you like to boost your immune system, I'd suggest this ImmunoPro infection blocker by Hubner, it works for me!


Expected Despatch By 27/10/2016
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