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BIFO10191 Hubner

Hubner Iron Vital F - 250ml

by Hubner

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  • Provides 100 % of the daily iron requirement- For mothers and young women, Expectant and nursing mothers, Children and the elderly & Vegetarians and athletes.
  • Hubner Iron Vital F
  • Expected Despatch By 12/12/2016


Product Description

    • Does not contain:

      * Alcohol
      * Gluten
      * Lactose


  • Beetroot juice* (20%), grape juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, cherry juice concentrate, blackcurrant juice*, fructose, extract of rosemary, bitter oranges, melissa, gentian, yarrow, stinging nettle, sage; vitamin C, iron -II-gluconate, thickening agent: guar flour, carob flour, pectin; natural flavours, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12.
    *from concentrate


  • Shake bottle well before use; keep the opened bottle in the refrigerator. Consume approx. 1 hour before meals throughout the day. In this way you will prevent iron absorption being affected by other foodstuffs.

    The following amounts of Iron Vital are recommended to meet 100 % of daily iron requirement:

    5 ml measuring spoon, pregnant women 7.5 measuring spoons, nursing mothers 5 measuring spoons, girls and women of childbearing age 4 measuring spoons, children from 4 - 7 years 2 measuring spoons, children from 7 - 10 years 2.5 measuring spoons, children from 10 years and male youths 3 measuring spoons, men 2.5 measuring spoons, women over 51 years 2.5 measuring spoons


  • It all began in the 1920s when Parson Hurst was committed to help poor people suffering from health problems. At that time, the cleric entrusted with the small parish of Häg located in the southern portion of the Black Forest not only dealt with the spiritual but also the physical complaints of his parishioners. Then, many people living in the remote regions of the Black Forest made their living as home-based workers for the emerging textile industry. Cramped in poorly-ventilated rooms, the workers breathed in the unhealthy dust of the cotton wool they processed, often leading to respiratory diseases.
    Being a god-fearing man and having an in-depth knowledge of herbs, Parson Hurst wanted to ease the suffering of these workers. In a herbal medicine book by his famous colleague Sebastian Kneipp, one of the founders of the naturopathic medicine movement, he found a medicinal plant formula. He started optimising the recipe by adding special medicinal herbs which were endemic in the Black Forest area and well-known for their agreeable effects on the respiratory system, such as light green fir branch tips and various other forest and meadow herbs.
    In collaboration with his friend Dr. Eduard Hiepe, a pharmacist operating a pharmacy in the nearby city of Zell and offering him to tap his pharmaceutical knowledge, he produced a fully natural cold & flu medicine based on rock candy and pure pine-tree honey and named "Tannenblut" ('fir blood') up to this very day in his presbytery in the mid-1920s. Soon, the new medicine eased the complaints of his parishioners who spread its curative properties more and more.

    That event gave birth to the first banner product of the modern HÜBNER company, as ANTON HÜBNER, then merchant, bought the licence to produce "Tannenblut" in 1936 and, together with his wife Klara, continued to manufacture the medicinal product after Parson Hurst's death. In parallel, the production site was transferred from its original location in Häg on the outskirts of the Black Forest to Kirchhofen, the native town of Klara HÜBNER.

    For about 25 years, "Tannenblut" remained the only product sold by ANTON HÜBNER. In 1952, the neuform chain of health food stores classified it as a product of certified quality. Ever since, "Tannenblut" has been available in some 2,000 health food shops all over Germany - and more and more often all over Europe. In 1968, Wilhelm Oberle acquired the company to expand it until his retirement in 1995.

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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.