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Hubner Silicea For Hair, Skin & Nails - 60 Capsules

  • As silica is a necessary ingredient in the construction of connective tissue, diminishing supplies can mean the loss of the ability to rebuild hair, skin & nails effectively.


Product Description

  • Hubner's Silicea capsules contain the trace element of pure natural silica
    It works to support connective tissue, strengthening hair, skin and nails from the inside out.
    Silica occurs naturally in our bodies.It is best absorbed in the colloidal form.


20mg colloidal silica capsule corresponding to 196mg silicon.Capsule shell made of HPMC (Hydroxpropylmethyl cellulose).


If you have any form of kidney disease, please consult your practitioner before taking this product.
Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
Please store out of reach and sight of young children.


As a food supplement take one capsule daily, with a large glass of water.


Silicon building material for skin, hair and nails
As a building material for connective tissue, silicon is an absolute requirement for firm skin, strong nails and full-bodied hair. With weak connective tissue, an unbalanced diet and in old age the content of active silicon compounds is often insufficient. Original Silicea Balsam increases this content and assists healthy skin, beautiful hair and strong fingernails from the inside out.

The silicic acid (silicon gel) contained in Original Silicea Balsam has an enormously high water binding capacity. Barely any other substance can bind 300 times its weight in water. The water bound with the aid of silicon assists the regulated transport of nutrients to the skin cells. Thus it can increase the moisture of connective tissues and assist the formation of the connective tissue fibres, collagen and elastin. Consequently, the tissue remains firm and elastic; hair and nails become stronger.

The positive effect of silicic acid on connective tissue and thus on skin, hair and nails is not visible immediately, but only after a few weeks. Short-term treatment over two to three months once or twice a year is thus recommended.

External use - quick help for sunburn, insect bites and other local skin irritations
The special thing about silicic acid gel is its unusually large binding capacity for water or ichor. Original Silicea Balsam binds ichor and thus counteracts skin irritation and inflammation.

Original Silicea Balsam is purely mineral - without any additives - and is therefore particularly well tolerated in sensitive skin areas. Original Silicea Balsam not only has an anti-inflammatory effect, but is also cooling. It is therefore suitable for use on minor superficial wounds, minor cuts, cracked skin, abrasions, scratches, bedsores, phlogistic skin impurities, spots, minor burns, sunburn and many other skin irritations. Original Silicea Balsam is purely mineral - without any additives - and is also suitable for children.

Silicic acid is not the same as silica
Silicon can be ingested in the form of silica or silicic acid gel. An important difference between silica and silicic acid gel is the size of the individual particles. Silicic acid primary particles are many times smaller than silica particles. The Eiffel Tower in relation to a handball can be imagined, to illustrate this difference in size.

Silicic acid - good ingestion in the body due to minute particle size
Silicic acid in its colloidal (most finely distributed) form, as present in Original Silicea Balsam, is of the greatest value to the body. It can therefore be ingested particularly well by the body. The small particle size facilitates gut passage and promotes transport into the connective tissue.

Gigantic binding capacity
Silicic acid has a very large reactive area (1 g has an area of 300 m2) and therefore a gigantic binding capacity for water and ichor, and is thus also suitable for external use. On the other hand, silica is not suitable for external use.

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