KICL11120 Huggies

Huggies Little Swimmers Size 2-3 - Exra Small 12 Pack

  • Size 2-3.
  • Huggies Little Swimmers do not swell on contact with water
  • freedom of movement to splash around and have a great time.
  • Special leak guards help protect as kids play in the water
  • Easy open and close sides for a quick change after swimming

Product Description

Unlike disposable nappies, Huggies Little Swimmers do not swell on contact with water, allowing your little one freedom of movement to splash around and have an ideal time.


- Always put a swim nappy on your little one before going into to the pool. - Avoid swimming if you or your little one has had a tummy upset in the past 48 hours. - If you are going on holiday, it's a good idea to get your little one water-ready first - even if it's just splashing a little water over them in the bath. - Stay by your little one at all times - not only is it safe, but it also helps form a close bond. - Maintain eye contact with your little one, smile, relax and drop down to the same level - your baby will love seeing you splashing too. - You may want to have your partner or a friend with you when you first start swimming, just whilst you get used to handling a wet baby. - One of the best ways to get into the pool is to lay your baby safely on the poolside, enter the water and then lift him in. - To help baby relax, keep your baby's face close to your own and maintain eye contact. - If you are new to baby swimming go during off-peak times or earlier in the morning if you are on holiday - it makes the entire experience less stressful and enjoyable. Top tips for baby swimming on holiday - Keep children out of the sun during the hottest part of the day - even if you are in the swimming pool where it may feel cool. Make sure they are kept in the shade. - Use the highest factor sunscreen and remember that sun can penetrate through clouds. - Always put your little one in a swimming nappy when they are using the pool. Embarrassing accidents can happen, but by putting your little one in mum's most trusted swim nappy, Huggies Little Swimmers, you can make sure you have the most secure protection in the pool, meaning less embarrassment and more fun. - Keep your baby properly hydrated. Both you and your little one will need to take on considerably more fluid in hotter countries. - Check that your accommodation has a fridge in the room; minibars can come into their own here for storing prepared bottles and baby food.


Baby swimming is a fun and rewarding experience that helps build the bond between you and your baby as it centres on trust. The first year of a life is crucial in terms of their development, as it is in this period that their brain grows most rapidly. Regular exercise plays a vital role in this, with every movement they make helping to strengthen their brain for new learning. Baby swimming is completely natural; having spent months surrounded by fluid in the womb, babies have a real affinity with water. Making bath times fun is a great way of getting your baby used to water and building his confidence for baby swimming. Gently splash water over his body or lay him on his back and move him gently through the water, with lots of eye contact and smiles. It is a common myth that your baby has to be a certain age before they can go swimming. The Department of Health states you can take your baby swimming at any age, so there's no need to wait until your baby has completed their course of early immunisations.


Absorbent material Huggies Little Swimmers have special absorbent material for no nappy swelling so they protect your baby without becoming waterlogged like a nappy. Stretchy side panels They go on like a nappy for younger babies and have leak guards to help stop leaks around the legs. Fun Disney designs They come in fun, colourfast Disney Nemo designs so you can use them the same way you would use a swimsuit with a back label to identify back from front. Leak guard Huggies Little Swimmers help keep the pool and the water a more hygienic and pleasant environment, protecting against accidents for non-stop fun.

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18 years - 99 years




Expected Despatch By 01/11/2016

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