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Husqvarna Viking Join and Foot Edging Foot (Cat 6) Sewing Feet

  • Husqvarna Viking Join and Foot Edging Foot (Cat 6) Use the Join and Fold Edging Foot together with different types of edging, such as lace, embroidered trims or various fabrics, along with the beautiful HUSQVARNA VIKING® stitches to create beautiful edgings. Make lingerie in a snap, add lace to create beautiful handkerchiefs or delicate table toppers. This foot will easily guide the edging and the base fabric through the openings in the front of the foot, fold the base fabric and simultaneously sew the edging in place. Other information1. Thread your sewing machine with regular sewing or decorative thread through the needleand regular sewing thread in the bobbin.2. Select the stitch you would like to use. For example: the edging could be sewn onto thebase fabric using a straight stitch and a 4mm twin needle or a right justified widedecorative stitch. Note: Decorative stitches that use forward motion work best. (Avoidstitches with too much backward motion.)3. Fold a ¼” (6mm) hem of base fabric to the wrong side, then finger press or iron.4. Insert the folded edge of base fabric with the right side up into the left fabric guide, and theedging (right side up) into the right guide. Slide the folded fabric edge and the edginginto the foot, prior to attaching the foot onto the sewing machine.5. Make sure the base fabric and the edging slide easily through the openings.Note: Lightweight but stable fabrics and edging work best.6. Snap on the Join and Fold Edging Foot to the sewing machine.7. Sew carefully, not too fast. If your machine has a speed control, reduce the sewing speed to easily guide the fabric and edging as you sew. Hold the fabric in your left hand and theedging in your right hand and sew.


Domestic Use Only. Not suitable for Children Under 36 Months.


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