KSPL11852 Kenco

Hygena Oven Grill Element 1000/1800 - 4085


Product Description

  • This is a replacement spare parts.

    Part Number: ELE4085

    Related OPN: 481925928766, 011561400, 081561401, 081561400

    Fit to Model:
    Check your model:01-702103, 02-702103, 1100DF BL, 1100DF CR, 1100DF GR, 1100DF LPG BL, 1100DF LPG GR, 1100DFA AL, 1100DFA ST, 1100DFASI BL, 1100DFASI CR, 1100DFASI GR, 1100DFASI LPG BL, 1100DFASI LPG BU, 1100DFASI LPG CR, 1100DFASI LPG GR, 1100DFASI LPG SC, 1100DFASI SC, 110DF CA, 110DF GR, 110DF ST, 1200DFA ST, 427 WH, 55EDMG SVG, 55EDMG WH, 60 DFDOM ST, 600DFSIDOA BL, 600DFSIDOA BR, 600DFSIDOA GR, 600DFSIDOA ST, 600DFSIDOA WH, 600EF ST, 600EF WH, 60EDCGA BR, 60EDCGA CR, 60EDCGA GR, 60EDCGA WH, 60EDOM ST, 61DFDO BL, 61DFDO ST, 61DFDO WH, 61EDO BL, 61EDO ST, 61EDO WH, 61EHDO BL, 61EHDO ST, 61EHDO WH, 654 ST, 700DFDOA ST, 707MF WH, 720EF ST, 720EF WH, 720EL ST, 720EMA BL, 720EMA CH, 720EMA GR, 720EMA ST, 720EMA WH, 900DFA ST, 900EF ST, 900EF WH, 900EMA BL, 900EMA CH, 900EMA ST, 900EMA WH, ADP3120, ADP3200, ADP4173, ADP4200, ADP4220, ADP4230, ADP4540, ADP5820, ADP5824, CD701BL, CD707SS, CD708BL, CD708SS, CD708W, D841 ST, D854 ST, DF600SIDOM BL, DF600SIDOM SVC, DF600SIDOM WH, DF90 ST, E641 ST, E649 WH, E650 SI, E70DOA GR, E70DOA ST, E70DOA WH, E90DOA GR, E90DOA ST, E90DOA WH, EC600DO DLM SVC, ECH600DOA BL, EF600A BL, EF600A ST, EF600A WH, EF70SS, EF70W, EF90BLK, EF90SS, EF90W, EFA700H ST, EFA900H ST, EL616 BR, EL616 GR, EL616 MK11 AN, EL616 MK11 BR, EL616 MK11 ST, EL616 MK11 WH, EL616 WH, EL716 BR, EL716 GR, EL716 MK11 AN, EL716 MK11 BR, EL716 MK11 ST, EL716 MK11 WH, EL716 WH, EL916 MK11 AN, EL916 MK11 BR, EL916 MK11 ST, EL916 MK11 WH, ES600DODLM BR, XOU483 ST, XOU594 ST

    ADP3200, ADP4173, ADP4200, ADP4540

    1100DF BL, 1100DF CR, 1100DF GR, 1100DF LPG BL, 1100DF LPG GR, 1100DFA AL, 1100DFA ST, 1100DFASI BL**, 1100DFASI CR**, 1100DFASI GR**, 1100DFASI LPG BL**, 1100DFASI LPG BU**, 1100DFASI LPG CR**, 1100DFASI LPG GR**, 1100DFASI LPG SC**, 1100DFASI SC**, 1200

    Box Contains:1 Box of Hygena Oven Element Grill

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