HYWE10020 Hyperwear

Hyperwear SandRope Black With Blue Ends - 15lbs / 7kg

  • Get the high intensity cardio, strength building and fat burning benefits of battle rope training, but in less space, without needing an anchor point, and with a far greater variety of exercises working any and all combinations of muscle groups
  • Hyperwear SandRope Black With Blue Ends


Product Description

  • A normal heavy rope is 50 ft, 2 in diameter and weighs 30 lbs
  • The SandRope comes already filled with sand.
  • The SandRope is a patent pending neoprene tube packed with 15lbs of shifting sand in just 10 feet of space
  • Hyperwear INCLUDES the optional anchor kit, and collar (anchor and collar will be attached to one end of the Sandrope at shipment)


To anchor use the included carabiner and webbing loop to attach your SandRope to a safe anchor point you select. Your anchor point must be fixed. Do not loop webbing around a post. It will move up and down and fray until it breaks. Not covered by your warranty. Repeated hard anchored training doing “the wave” will shift the sand towards the far end of the rope. Regularly reverse the rope to move sand in the other direction. Sand can shift away from the end so you are only gripping the neoprene tube. Manually redistribute the sand, or as a convenient option, you can use the included black elastic and Velcro “collar” to trap and hold sand in the first 1-2 feet of your SandRope for gripping.

Other Info

Our fitness rope is 10 feet in length and about 2 1/2 inches in diameter, but it squeezes and compresses with gripping. The neoprene material also makes the product easy to clean. Just wipe it down the way you would dumbbells and medicine balls or spray with Fabreeze or Odoban for disinfecting. DO NOT attempt to use your SandRope to climb, pull weights, pull on it when anchored, or use it near anything that can puncture or cut the neoprene. This will void the ninety day warranty.


We bundle the SandRope™ with a free anchoring kit, an optional collar to use to keep sand at he end for your grip, ship it already filled with sand, and give you free SandRope™ training video tips on youtube.

Manufactured by

Hyper Wear, Inc.








Expected Despatch By 03/11/2016

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