I.O. Shen Double-Sided Magnetic Knife Block Set

  • I.O
  • Each blade carries the distinctive Tai Tang pattern on the handle, which is a fundamental component of the knife
  • Finally you have your loyal 8 inch Chef's knife, delicately slicing through vegetables, effectively separating joints and smoothly filleting fresh fish
  • It also serves to protect the blades from damage
  • This bread knife will help you to cut perfectly straight and even slices no matter how thin or thick you like them
  • Shen double-magnetic knife block which allows you to keep all your knives safely stored regardless of their size or weight
  • Shen knives are carefully crafted in three layers using the best Japanese steel
  • Shen blade, but it also acts to improve balance and handle stability.This set contains a pointed paring knife, a Sahm Kohm slicer, a bread knife and an 8 inch Chef's knife
  • A paring knife is a small straight edge blade used to do the more intricate work, like peeling vegetables, deveining shrimp and cutting garnishes
  • The set also consists of an I.O
  • This set is an amazing and stylish way to equip your kitchen on a whole new level
  • It is also the perfect gift for a special someone.
  • This design not only identifies it as an I.O
  • The Sahm Khom slicer is one of the most recognisable blades in the knife arena because of its unrivalled sharpness from tip to heel
  • Keen cooks deserve quality knives


Product Description

  • Shen Knife Sahm Kohm Slicer

    1 x Bread knife

    1 x I.O

  • shen 8" Chef's Knife

    1 x Double-sided magnetic knife block

  • This set contains:

    1 x Pointed paring knife

    1 x I.O

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