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Iams Cat Mature Senior Fish - 2.55kg


Product Description

  • Stay young
  • 2
  • Introducing New IAMS Cat Mature & Senior with Wild Ocean Fish Supports Healthy Ageing • In addition to IAMS Cat Mature & Senior Rich in Chicken Supports Healthy Ageing - Play young
  • Here are 2 reasons why: 1
  • Therefore, providing variety will satisfy this natural phenomenon
  • Iams Mature & Senior for cats 7+ years Supports Healthy Ageing Don t forget Iams Pouches! Iams Mature & Senior Pouches compliment Iams Mature & Senior dry, adding a new mouth feel to heighten the mature cats feeding experience
  • For a heightened feeding experience domesticated cats will often look for this variety
  • Cats love the “land of plenty” with many enjoying a diet full of flavour variety
  • Cats' food and taste preferences are learned behaviours from very early on in life
  • In the wild, a cat s diet consists of different textures and flavours
  • As kittens, if exposed to a variety of foods and flavours, cats will often carry a strong desire for variety through into mature years
  • NEW - Iams Mature & Senior with Wild Ocean Fish offers cats an additional Taste Sensation for cats' improved feeding experience, coupled with the trustworthy Health Benefits that cat owners expect from Iams, such as: • High quality Fish and Chicken for strong muscles • Prebiotics (FOS) and Beet Pulp for digestive health • Glucosamine for joint support • Fish oil for healthy skin & shiny coat • 7 essential nutrients for heart health • Controlled magnesium for bladder health

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