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Imperia SP150 Pasta Factory

  • The Imperia Pasta Factory is a complete set, ideal to purchase as a gift for the pasta enthusiast or simply as a self treat for pasta lovers
  • Imperia SP150 pasta machine with 4 different cutters
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Product Description

  • The pasta machine is precision engineered in heavy duty chrome plated steel and is extremely easy to use with a detachable, rotating handle and a secure clamp that allows the machine to be securely fixed to work surfaces when in use.

    The machine produces pasta in a maximum of 6 thickness settings and includes attachment cutters that fit onto the pasta machine to make macaroni, ravioli and spaghetti
  • The nine piece set set includes all the necessary tools and gadgets to make a variety of fresh homemade pasta, including tagliatelle, lasagne and ravioli
  • Additional tools include a pasty brush, roller and two wooden scoops, ideal accessories when making or finishing the pasta.


Established over 70 years ago in the city of Torino in northern Italy, IMPERIA started out as a private business and was incorporated in 1932.

As the company gradually evolved, it became an established brand for durable household products; a reputation, which began with the manual roller pasta machine which was introduced in the late 1920’s.

Over the years IMPERIA’s product range expanded to include over 40 items all of which, whether they be for restaurants or domestic use, are specially designed to ensure unsurpassed fresh homemade pasta, Italian style.

IMPERIA’s products are now sold worldwide.

This growth has had no adverse effect on the company’s family style and they still take great pride in the quality of their products which are renown as the very best domestic and restaurant pasta machines.


4 different cutters from 1.5mm to 6.5mm.
Ravioli and Tortellini attachments.
2 wooden scoops.
Pastry brush.

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