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Imutest Hay Fever Allergy Test Kit


Product Description

  • Hayfever symptoms can be experienced all year round, and may be confused with a cold
  • Pollen can also trigger more severe conditions such as asthma, cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. Our test won't cure your hay fever but using it to determine whether you have an allergy to pollen can be the first step on the road to successfully managing your hay fever symptoms. "Now I know what the problem is, I can do something about it and while I don’t want to take antihistamines constantly, they do work
  • All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully and in about 30 minutes you will know whether or not you have a hay fever allergy
  • There is no need for you to send your blood sample away for analysis and your results will be as reliable as the hospital laboratory test your GP would arrange for you. Once you know that your symptoms may be hay fever, you can confidently seek medical advice and/or take appropriate action to reduce or possibly even eliminate your symptoms
  • You can test at any time of the year and your result is not affected by other medication.
  • Hay Fever Allergy: Hay Fever, a sensitivity to plant pollens, is one of the most common allergic reactions and complaints in the UK
  • My plan is to manage my symptoms ‘drug-free’ when they’re not too bad and turn to the medication when things get uncomfortable." Hayfever sufferer, Wakefield. Imutest Hay Fever Allergy Kit: The Imutest Hay Fever Allergy Kit is a clinically proven IgE allergy test, just like those used in hospital laboratories, that detects antibodies to grass pollen

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