INNT10023 In Nature Tea

In Nature Tea Autumn Breeze - Aged White - 50g

  • This is a very delicate and mild blend of Fujian White teas
  • These leaves are aged and therefore they have a mature and deep taste which is a real treat for anyone who seeks the ultimate tea experience
  • In Nature Tea Autumn Breeze - Aged White


Product Description

  • The health benefits from the White Teas are well documented, ranging from detoxifying properties to cancer-prevention
  • This natural privilege is now available to you direct from In Nature.

    Servings: 50 cups or more
  • This is a rare and limited blend, hardly seen outside China and once reserved for Chinese emperors alone
  • Full instructions on how to prepare the perfect cup of tea inside each box


Why Are Pure High Grade Teas Better For You?
Simply because they have nothing added and they taste better with all the natural properties preserved pure, just as Mother Nature intended; from the high mountains of China, directly to your cup. This is the philosophy of In Nature - the respect and integrity of the natural purity of Teas. We believe you will taste and feel the difference. Take a look around our site and perhaps discover your path to a healthier way of life.


The health benefits from the White Teas are well documented and they rank as the highest, from detoxifying to anti-cancer prevention properties.

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