INNT10005 In Nature Tea

In Nature Tea Oolong Tea (Nai Xiang - Jin Xuan) - 50g

  • Nai Xiang translates as 'Milk Fragrant'.
  • Extremely fragrant tea and sweet
  • Great as an every day drink.
  • Certified Organic
  • No industrialization in any form
  • Harvested and hand picked

Product Description

  • Nai Xiang (Jin Xuan) translates as 'Milk Fragrant'
  • Like the other types of oolong tea, is extremely fragrant, sweet and great as an every day drink
  • The tea brews to a pale yellow colour and produces sweet floral aroma and taste


Servings: 50 cups or more. Full instructions on how to prepare the perfect cup of tea inside each box


Why Are Pure High Grade Teas Better For You? Simply because they have nothing added and they taste better with all the natural properties preserved pure, just as Mother Nature intended; from the high mountains of China, directly to your cup. This is the philosophy of In Nature - the respect and integrity of the natural purity of Teas. We believe you will taste and feel the difference. Take a look around our site and perhaps discover your path to a healthier way of life.


Health Benefits of Oolong Tea: - Digestion - Detoxify - Anti-bacterial - Heart (cholesterol levels) - Slimming - Longevity/anti-aging - Menopause symptoms - Menstrual cramps

About Brand

ry the pure and natural taste of tea and at the same time enjoy a wealth of health benefits. Drinking tea is one of the simplest and most pleasurable ways to look after your health. We invite you to become a tea drinker and enjoy an experience that will improve your life. We are proud to offer the highest grade of tea in the market. The superlative quality of pure fresh teas has been very well documented over the past 3,000 years. Our high quality organic teas are sourced from the highest mountains in China. The best tea leaves are selected for quality and taste then packed and transferred by flight to reach the customer's cup directly with no interference or industrialised process whatsoever. We sell only fresh loose tea in its natural form, originating from the best tea gardens cared for by families who have hundreds of years of dedication and commitment to the tea tradition. They have an unyielding pride and passion in their noble activity - to work the lands just as their ancestors did, every single day from sunrise to sunset. A ritual of labour passed from one generation to the next to ensure continuity of this admirable legacy. Tea is not simply a drink, it is a way of life, it is the very essence of eastern traditions, culture and civilisation. In Nature, a passion for teas.

Other Info

- High Grade Tea Leaves - Fresh and Organic - Harvested and hand picked - No industrialization in any form - Nothing added - 100 percent pure and natural

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