INAM10007 Incognito

Incognito Anti Insect Roll-On - 50ml

  • 100% protection against all mosquitoes
  • Incognito Anti Insect Roll-On
  • Stronger than any Deet-based products
  • Works on all insects, powerful enough to use anywhere in the world
  • Fabulous fragrance and is non-greasy.


Product Description

  • Yet incognito is certified as 100% natural and can be used by all the family including babies
  • The same formula as our award-winning spray but in a handy, compact, roll-on! Provides 100% protection against all mosquitoes, along with all other insects and many arachnids, like Ticks & spiders
  • Comes in 50 ml.
    incognito mosquito repellent is one of the strongest repellents in the world and provides excellent protection against all mosquitoes and biting insects
  • It protects you more effectively than Deet, yet is 100% natural
  • They are all completely free of any Deet, Paraban, GMO, SLS’s and are not tested or derived from any animal, which is why the spray is still registered with the Vegan society and carries the logo on every bottle.
  • Therefore the more active, the more attractive a meal you are! Most kairomones can be detected by a female mosquito up to one kilometre away!
    All incognito manufactured products, including our spray are certified as 100% natural
  • incognito incognito is fully tested and meets UK safety and efficacy standards
  • Safe for all the family and works for at least 5 hours
  • Repels and camouflages you from ALL insects
  • Effective for 5 hours.

    Because of further research, funded by the Gates Malarial Partnership and published in the British Medical Journal, our active ingredient is clinically proven to protect against malaria when used in conjunction with an impregnated mosquito net.
    It works simultaneously by repelling insects, including all mosquitoes, (and Ticks, sandflies, wasps, fleas, bees, midges, gnats, etc.) and camouflaging your kairomones.
    incognito mosquito repellent is biodegradable and will not harm any animals
    What are kairomones? Just as humans are attracted to each other’s pheromones, insects are attracted to their hosts by kairomones – the one mosquitoes are particularly partial to is carbon dioxide
  • Others include lactic and carboxylic acids
  • Our active ingredient, Citrepel 75, is clinically proven to protect against malaria when used in conjunction with an impregnated mosquito net
  • Kairomones are eliminated by the body in proportion to the rate of metabolism


Alcohol, Citrepel 75 (eucalyptus maculata citriodora), organic bergamot (citrus bergamia), camphor (cinnamomum camphora), linalool*, limonene*, citral* (*Natural components of the essential oils). All blended together in a unique secret process.

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5 out of 5
By DBAWILSON | Posted on: 03/07/2015


Like the spray but so much easier to deliver. Great stuff.


Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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