INAM10001 Incognito

Incognito Organic Java Citronella Oil - 10ml

  • Protects against All insects
  • Unique qualities not found in common citronella -ideal for oil burners
  • Grown only on the island of Java -rare & elusive
  • Certified organic & sustainably produced
  • Incognito Organic Java Citronella Oil


Product Description

  • Diluted in a base oil such as almond, citronella oil applied to the skin produces a mild sensation of warmth – which relieves painful muscles and joints
  • It can also ease pressure of migraines and headaches
  • Citronella oil blends well with cedarwood, orange, geranium, lemon and bergamot.
  • Mentally, the aroma of citronella oil may help with nervous fatigue due to its clarifying properties
  • Java citronella is at least twice as strong as the ordinary common variety of citronella; possibly because insects have been unable to build up any tolerance because of its rarity.

    In aromatherapy citronella oil is said to possess activating and warming qualities both physically and mentally


Pure organic essential oil


always carry out a patch test when diluting and dilute further if any irritation occurs. Stop using if irritation occurs.


dilute at least 1 to 6 before applying to skin. Can be used in any oil diffusers or burners. Add to base oil for massage or bathing. Can be added to any cream, shampoo, etc. Top up incognito or any other natural insect repellent for greater efficacy. Add a few drops to your clothes or luggage to keep them smelling fresh and unwanted small visitors away.


Citronella oil has minimal or no risk to wildlife and environment due to its toxic levels being low and its use being limited. Therefore, it can be used around the home with no expected adverse effects. Indeed, some people make their own cleaning preparations with it in!

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