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Infaderm Baby Lotion - 250ml

  • Suitable for use on baby’s delicate skin targeting key types of common skin conditions.

Product Description

Moisturising, light lotion for all over use
High lipid content of 30%
Easily absorbed, minimal greasy residue
Contains chamomile to soothe irritated skin
The special formulation means that you can achieve the deeply moisturising effects usually only possible with a cream.

Eczema or Dermatitis is a group of skin conditions, which affects 1/5th of infants and children today compared to 3% of the population in the 1950’s

Many experts blame products such as bath additives and toiletries (including baby wipes) which contain chemicals which can trigger eczema, and the increase in bathing

Infants have thinner skin, as the cell layers are not as distinct because it contains less keratin (protein in outer epidermal layer which gives skin it tough nature)

They have fewer sebaceous glands so sebum (natural oil) production is reduced

Because of these factors infant skin has less effective natural protective barrier, skin water content will be lower and skin is thus prone to dryness

Infaderm is a range of toiletries, mild enough to use everyday suitable for use on baby’s delicate skin targeting key types of common skin conditions
atopic eczema,
irritant sebborheoic dermatitis (cradle cap)
napkin dermatitis (nappy rash)
contact dermatitis

Specially formulated with the help of Dermatologists Infaderm does not contain any added fragrances, colourings or ingredients that can cause skin problems or add further irritation/distress

Infaderm is Hypo-allergenic pH Balanced, Soap Free, Dye Free, Lanolin Free and Fragrance Free

Infaderm is a range of non-’medicinal’ products suitable for use on baby’s & infants delicate skin

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