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Infernal Contraption - 2 Sabotage Card Game (Expansion)


Product Description

  • Not a stand-alone game itself, Infernal Contraption 2 requires Infernal Contraption to play
  • Ratchet up the fun with the explosive first expansion to Infernal Contraption.
    Engage in mechanical sabotage with all new sabotage cards that will throw a wrench in your opponents' plans! Add new upgrades, contraptions, and unique new power supplies to your infernal contraption!

    Infernal Contraption 2: Sabotage! is an expansion to the basic set of Infernal Contraption
  • Sabotage! includes new upgrades, new consumables, new power sources, and of course, brand new sabotage cards that will change the game as you know it
  • They allow you to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into your opponent's machine - making it malfunction is disastrous ways and all to your advantage
  • Gentlemen start your engines of destruction!

    What is a Sabotage card?

    A Sabotage card brings a new twist to the game

  • What's in this expansion set?
    48 new cards to add to your 124 card basic set
  • Put a stop to your opponent's pesky card-stealing contraptions, or power down his upgrades with sabotage cards like the Exothermic Reactor, Power Spike, or the Gremlin Sphere (pictured below.) You can really unleash some mayhem with these cards - and really ratchet up your own fun!
  • 3 new upgrades, 12 new power sources, 15 new consumables, and 18 sabotage cards

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