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Ingenious Board Game

  • Esdevium Games Ingenious is a game that is in a league of its own. Quick to play, beautiful to look at, and one of the most clever board games you will ever play. The premise is simple - score points by placing your colour tiles on a hexagonal board while trying to block your opponents from scoring points. Although it sounds simplistic, the game actually is a real challenge. Ingenious is an easy to learn, strategy board game . 120 Tiles, 1 hexagonal board, 1 Bag, 4 Racks, 4 Score Boards, 24 Counters, Rules Sheet . Win by having the best score in your least--scored colour . Endless strategic options through clever tile placement . Unique scoring system . The game has a nearly unlimited amount of strategies and with its unique scoring system, every game is different and challenging.

Product Description

  • This award-winning strategy games is so easy yet so engaging that you will want to play over and over again!

    Players place colored tiles on the hexagonal board, scoring points, blocking opponents’ tile placement, and trying to protect themselves from being blocked by their opponents
  • Ingenious will totally capture you from the first time you play

  • Marvellously elegant and compulsively replayable, Ingenious is an excellent introduction to German-style abstract board games
  • It’s ingeniously simple, and simply ingenious!

    Ingenious is suitable for up to four players, as well as for solo play

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