BFUK12333 Hive of Beauty

Inner Container 1 Litre with Scraper Bar and Handle (for use with HOB5 - 1 Litre

  • Key Features Depilatory wax jars blocks & pellets can all be decanted into container
  • Care Instructions For depilatory wax clean with Options by Hive Wax Equipment Cleaner
  • For paraffin wax clean with warm soapy water
  • Inner Container for use with the following Options by Hive heaters: No.1 Wax Heater 1 Litre Digital Wax Heater 1 Litre & Dual Digital Wax Heater (1 Litre Chamber)
  • Features a Metal Scraper Bar to remove excess wax from spatula
  • Only use one type of wax inside the inner container do not mix waxes
  • Nylon Handle ensures easy insertion & removal of inner container
  • Enables you to use different types of wax but use only one heater
  • Paraffin wax blocks & pellets can both be decanted into container
  • Accommodates both depilatory & paraffin waxes
  • Guidelines The handle on this scraper bar ensures you are able to lift a standard sized jar of wax or inner container out of your wax heater safely


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