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Inspector McClue - The Champagne Murders


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  • In the Chelsea home of Lord Jagged a select group of fashionable young things have spent the weekend partying - on the Sunday evening they gather for dinner - but the host Lord Jagged doesn't appear!

    Everyone is a suspect at the dinner party, but who *is* the murderer ???


    TERENCE SHRIMP - An East End boy whose success as a photographer has taken him into the most fashionable social circles.

    MARY-JANE FAITHLESS - Formerly the lover of Lord Jagged, now known as a pop star in her own right.

    OLIVER STEED - Actor, raconteur and hell-raiser.

    KITTY KILLER - She looks like a sex starlet and claims to be a journalist, but everyone knows that really she's a secret agent.

    BRIAN SEWER - The brilliant wine critic of the Evening Times whose snobbery and arrogance have endeared him to nobody
  • 1967 the Summer of Love
  • Unfortunately, his arrogance is justified.

    TAMARA FARA-BUCKTOOTH - Famous for being famous, she is a regular fixture on the London social scene and is somehow related to Lord Jagged.

    'CHAMPAGNE' CHARLIE BUNSON - A high-living entrepreneur whose connections with the London underworld have already attracted the attention of Scotland Yard.

    BABS CRAYFISH - The girlfriend of 'Champagne' Charlie and a former nightclub-hostess, she now claims to be a legitimate actress.

    Optional Characters for 9 or 10 people :

    WIGGY - The most famous and glamorous model in the world, for this week at least.

    MARTIN X - A reclusive political rights campaigner from America, whose presence in England is not strictly legal.

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