ISLS17251 Vent-Axia

Integra Boxed Assembly 456864 - Vent Axia

  • Integra Heat Recovery Unit.


Product Description

  • Balanced ventilation is achieved by using nominal 100mm diameter ducting
  • The compact cube interleaves outgoing moist air with incoming fresh air, allowing the heat from one to warm the other without the two air streams mixing
  • Energy is saved on room heating, with no power being used by the cube itself.
  • The Integra heat recovery unit has been specially designed to provide ventilation for flats or internal rooms in residential, commercial, educational or leisure applications
  • The unit is completely self contained and includes two integral centrifugal speed controllable fans plus a high efficiency polymeric heat exchanger
  • Using a high performance, polymeric heat exchange cube, together with two powerful fans, the Vent-Axia Integra boasts a temperature efficiency of up to 70%


Performance of Integra: Up to 49 l/s FID. Ideal for installation in the ceilings voids or cupboards.Easy InstallationThe Vent-Axia Integra is designed for mounting in ceiling voids, lofts or above a suspended ceiling. Four 100mm spigots are provided for simple connection to insulated flexible or rigid ventilation ducting. The unit comes complete with a 22mm condensate outlet. Performance:m³/hl/sMax ventilation rate17549N° speed settings6 Efficiency: The unit should retain up to 70% of the temperature differential of out going air.Heat exchanger: should be of a multi plate cross-flow type constructed out of a polymeric plastic with ultra sonic welded joints.Motor: should be a 240V 50Hz A/C with sleeve bearings, greased for life. It shall operate up to an ambient temperature of 40°C and be fitted with a manual reset thermal overload protective device.Fan: The fan impeller should be of a forward curved centrifugal type, dynamically balanced.Controls: The unit should be powered via a remote multi-step transformer that provides a switch gate between a selected slow speed and boost condition. The switch can be a manual or sensor type or a combination of both.Ducting spigots: The unit should have 4-N° 100mm Ø x 50mm spigots. (Can be converted to flat ducting).Filter: not fitted.Condensation: the outlet provided should be 22mm Ø located on the underside of the unit.Construction: the unit outer case should be a rigid black ABS moulding. The case should split along a horizontal joint to allow maintained access.Sound Levels: dB(A) @ 3m Maximum: 41.2 Mains electrical supply: 230VAC 50Hz.Complies to the following approvals/directives: CE.Range PerformanceIntegra to be used with a 150VA Transformer for maximum controllabilty Motor Speed 1 2 3 4 5 6 Volume l/s (FID) 15 21 27 32 37 49 Range DimensionsWeight: 8.5kg Power Consumption Speed 1 80V 32W Speed 2 100V 47W Speed 3 120V 64W Speed 4 140V 81W Speed 5 160V 99W Speed 6 240V 182W

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