BRCO12554 Interpet

Interpet Service Kit Cf2 - 1month


Product Description

  • It is amazingly easy to fit using the sucker mounted support cradle, and this simply attaches to the inside of the aquarium glass
  • The new CF range of cartridge filters from Interpet, are an easy to install and easy to use filter from Interpet for freshwater (coldwater and tropical) aquariums
  • Carbon - Purifies water by removing dyes, toxins, heavy metals and odours
  • Algaway Pad - reduces unsightly algae by removing phosphates, algae's favourite food
  • Effective Four Stage Filtration: Biomedia - creates healthy water by acting as a home for essential bacteria which remove toxic fish waste
  • The Cartridge Filter offers you: Easy to remove, slot in disposable filter cartidges
  • The product is easy to clean using the instructions below, and this is where your service kit will come in handy
  • We recommend you to change the pads once a month, but this all depends on the amount of fish you have in your aquarium
  • Algaway Pad: Unique Algaway Pad reduces unsightly algae
  • The filter then hooks onto the cradle, so no more fiddling around with a filter system that is trouble to fit
  • So, why would you choose from the rest, when you can buy from the best with confidence - Interpet - with over 60 years experience in the aquatics industry.
  • Mechanical Floss - clears water by trapping fine waste

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