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iQ Chocolate Organic Plush Peppermint Chocolate - 35g

  • iQ is a delicious, health-promoting, raw bean-to-bar Superfood chocolate made from the rare and intoxicating Peruvian Criollo bean, sweetened with coconut blossom and created in the hills of Scotland with love.
  • iQ Chocolate Organic Plush Peppermint Chocolate

Product Description

  • Plush Peppermint is one of a range of bars developed from the award winning original bean-to-bar chocolate
  • Its superfood benefits are underpinned by a range of health claims: iQ chocolate is high in copper, manganese and phosphorous
  • iQ chocolate is a source of magnesium, which maintains the health of teeth, heart, muscle function and mood
  • Copper protects DNA from oxidative damage and promotes healthy skin and hair
  • Manganese and phosphorous are also important for healthy bones
  • All of these minerals also benefit energy release, elementally clever.
  • Enjoy guilt-free

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