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IRWIN Bi-metal Holesaw Kit INT600L

Product Description

  • The case has an integral handle and has a cardboard sleeve that contains important product information.

    The Bi-Metal holesaws cut through a variety of materials, including aluminium, copper, iron, stainless steel, wood and zinc

  • 1 x 10504532 Pilot drill

  • 1 x 10504184 Holesaw 51mm

  • 1 x 10504169 Holesaw 25mm

  • 1 x 10504165 Holesaw 20mm

  • 1 x 10504177 Holesaw 38mm

  • Irwin Bi-Metal Holesaw Kits are available in a unique attractive soft storage case that incorporates an unbreakable hinge and internal padding that protects its contents

  • They have precision set teeth for faster penetration and the electron beam weld ensures stronger, longer lasting teeth

  • 1 x 10504535 Mandrel 13mm - Fits 32 to 210mm holesaws
  • The Bi-Metal construction makes these holesaws tough and durable.

    This 9 piece set consists of the following:
    1 x 10504162 Holesaw 16mm

  • 1 x 10504173 Holesaw 32mm

  • 1 x 10504536 Mandrel 9.5mm - Fits 14 to 30mm holesaws

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